Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Should sexuality be allowed in Print Media Advertising?

Our group believes that it should be allowed. Without exploiting sexuality in print media advertising, ads would be less entertaining and less persuasive. People would not be interested in looking at the ad, let alone buy the product. If sexuality was not exploited, it would be less influencing. People look towards the sexuality in ads, and aspire to be that person: the man working out with a six pack, or the female cooking on her new cooking supplies for her children.


  1. I agree there is nothing wrong with expressing sexuality in advertising. As long as there is no depiction of violence, using sex to sell a product or service can be an effective way to garner attention.

    What I do find offensive is when a product is "gendered," such as cleaning products, food items, or tools. It bothers me that 90% of all TV commercials for household cleaners feature women (except for the late, great Billy Mays.) When was the last time you saw a Dad in a diaper ad?

    Sexuality is a beautiful thing and if marketed tastefully can be used in print media effectively and inoffensively to the public.

    Katrina Rosiak (Irvine)

  2. Sexuality is a concept that is enjoyed by many. I too agree that sexuality in the media should be allowed to a certain extent. For example, on the cover of Sports Illustrated and other guy magazines we will see girls in bikinis. These girls are not portrayed to be sluts they are usually celebrities.
    These magazines are mostly seen by women but can appeal to men to. For women its more of a goal. Not to be on the magazines but to be wanted like those girls in the magazines. Sexuality in ads is not always portrayed by half naked women. It can be seen as a slender women in a skin tight dress that hugs her body that appeals to both sexes.
    One of the ads that crosses my mind where it was taken to far was a controversial Calvin Klein commercial with Eva Mendez. It was said if you looked closely you could see her nipple as she rolled around naked in satin sheets. Sometimes instead of showing everything a better advertising technique would be to leaving things for the mind to wander not show everything.

    Vanessa Diaz

  3. I agree with this to a point but there are some aspects of sexuality in advertisements that I do not think are necessary.

    Sexuality in the ads are fine when we are dealing with products that relate to sexuality and physical appearances such as fashion, fitness, and bodily hygiene. However, although they are interesting, advertisements for food or drinks that use sexuality should be kept to a minimal.

    The image of a man holding a bottle of Skyy standing over a woman sunbathing in a bikini may be visually pleasing but I think it sends out the wrong message that consuming that alcohol will get you into that position. Messages such as this could lead to alcoholism in the most severe cases.

    - Daniel Ha

  4. Sexuality is a very important medium in advertising. I believe it is freedom of expression and should be allowed in print advertising. In media, it is very important to sell what the audience wants. Nowadays, we all definitely know sex sells, and I think it will be a long time before that changes (if it ever does.) If it offends someone, then I believe they shouldn't look at it. Lastly, it is up to the parents discretion whether or not there children should be seeing these images. Sexuality is natural, and should be allowed to be shown.

  5. i agree with what it said about how it says that freedom of expression should be allowed in a relationship. also how people use media to try to help themselves with thier relationships

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  7. I agree. Sexuality in advertising increases the Ads effectiveness and directly drive sales of the product being advertised. This is a capitalistic economy, as long as the laws of our country are not being broken then all is fair!

    Arash Baiat.
    Group #13